Spring works with Lanners

In this period the operators of the Life Lanner project who work with our lanners are very busy!
To keep Camilla company, the first chick born in this 2024 season in our centre, two other young Lanners have arrived, Carlotta and Calogero, purchased from a breeder affiliated with the project.

Upon their arrival they were immediately united with Camilla, who until then had been raised by the adoptive couple (Uragano and Tempesta), who unfortunately, given their advanced age, had only laid unfertilised eggs.
After a short period of getting to know the operators who take care of them, they were transferred to the Marturanum Park, inside the facility for release using the hacking method.
Thanks to past experiences, we have been able to see how the interaction with only the operators who deal with their management is fundamental in the most important phases of their life: the first flights, and the first prey to catch!
In wild specimens, after fledging, the young depend on their parents for a few weeks (it can even take two months before they become totally independent!). Human beings will never be able to replace the perfect mechanisms in nature, but given the weakness of this species, it is our duty to work to increase the chances of their survival!
To stay updated on the journey of these 3 individuals, watch our stories and continue to follow us!

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