New aviaries for lanners at Lake Vico rescue centre

Some important news about our progress. We are proudly ahead of schedule in the realization of two new aviaries that will be home to two new couples of lanner falcons.

The aviaries are identical to those already present at Lake Vico Nature Reserve, where a couple laid their first eggs earlier this year, except wider. The structures are made of wooden panels and are 5 m long, 3.75 m wide, and 3.5 m high. They are equipped with a water and electrical system, which powers a motorized camera, enabling the monitoring of the entire aviary 24/7. The actual nest has been mounted in a corner at 2.5 m height.

The couples will be transferred to the new buildings in 10 days to get ready for the next breeding season. On the day of the transfer, the physical conditions of the falcons will be thoroughly checked, they will be weighted and their bills and talons will be trimmed if necessary.