Moving day: the lanners of Lake Vico rescue centre moved to the new aviaries

A couple of weeks ago we showed you our new aviaries, ready to become home to our lanner falcons. On December 20 we relocated two of our lanner couples to the new structures: Ulisse and Penelope in one, Tempesta and Atlante in the other. Gea and Uragano, instead, were moved back to their old aviary. We modified it slightly, but it’s the same place where last year they laid their first eggs.

During relocation, all six raptors were put through a health check, weighed, their talons and bills trimmed to ideal length. All of them are perfectly fine, and have beautifully kept plumage.

As we anticipated, all structures are equipped with remotely controlled dome cameras, so get ready for lots of lanner falcon videos and pictures!