The 2024 breeding season for LIFE LANNER’s falcons has begun!

Gea and Atlante are the two partners of one of the successful couples within the Life Lanner project, hosted at the facilities of the Monti Cimini Authority – Lake Vico Nature Reserve. For the third consecutive year they have started courting, and with the spring air now upon us, Gea has laid 4 eggs. The hatching proceeds regularly, Atlante brings her food to the nest and there is no shortage of role exchanges during the day, which also see him involved in their care.

They are constantly monitored by the project operators, thanks to surveillance cameras, active 24 hours a day, and soon the eggs will be transferred to the incubator to increase the chances of hatching and follow the chicks during the delicate period of the very first days of life.

All couples are managed with a specific dietary regime, different from the normal administration of food outside the reproductive season, aimed at stimulating courtship and mating. This care, combined with management of the specimens that ensures their psycho-physical well-being on a daily basis, is fundamental for the success of reproduction in captivity.
While waiting to find out if the new couples formed will also be able to consolidate this year, continue to follow us for all the updates!

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