Lanner released by LifeLanner Project has survived 6 Months after Release

After some failures in the first release attempts, finally one of the methodologies used by the project to release Lanners seems to have worked out. Ambra, a female Lanner was first released in 2022 with the stardard Hacking metholodogy, but was rescued shortly after showing signs of starvation.

After its first difficulties shown in hunting, we decided to ask the association Le ali della Terra” di Senigallia (AN) to teach her hunting with falconry methodologies. For 4 months, between 2022 and 2023 she was therefore trained daily, first in Senigallia and later by the personell of CRAS Vico.


On March 23 2023 Ambra was again released into the wild, inside the Natural Reserve of Lago di Vico, sporting a GPS and a VHF radio pinger, which allowed to follow her movements. In the first 20 days of freedom, she was still provided food in order to help her in the first period of wild-life. After about 30 days she started moving, exploring the province of Viterbo. Finally, she found a nice territory, with plenty of preys and little competition, which allowed her to hunt and rest without disturbance. Now, 6 months after the release, Ambra is still there, hunting easily pigeons and starlings, and rarely moves around to explore other areas of the region Lazio.

Every now and then, we still go there to watch her hunting and check that everything is still going well.

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