First medium-range movements of Lanner Ambra 5 months after release

After the first months of relative stability in the same territory in the west of Rome, the Lanner Ambra, a juvenile female release in March 2023 has started exploring central Italy. Probably also pushed by the scorching heat of the summer, she explored the mountains of Rieti and then moved to the hills in the provinces of Terni, Viterbo and Rome. In her wanderings she clearly preferred natural areas, like the Tolfa hills, north of Rome, or the protected area of Monte Navegna, in the province of Rieti. However, she explored also relatively urbanised areas, probably because of their high availability of her natural preys, such as Pigeons and Starlings. She even crossed the whole city of Rome!

The area she mostly visited, however, was the Tolfa hills, an area north of Rome, characterised by a very high natural environment, rich of raptors and possible preys, such as Rollers, Stone Curlews, Jays, Magpies and Wood Pigeons.

After this period of exploration she is now once again settled in the same area inside the Natural Reserve of Litorale Romano, where she arrived in early May. She seems to find there enough food and little disturbance. We are now looking forward to see how she will cope with the autumn and winter time, and the increasing competition by migratory Sakers and Peregrine falcons which often use that same area to hunt.

For now she looks in perfect shape, is very fast and brave enough to fight back the few Peregrines which tried to steal her territory in the last couple of months.

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