Getting ready for the 2023 breeding season

Meet Sirio, the latest member of our team

A new lanner falcon arrived at the wildlife rescue centre of Lake Vico at the end of the summer. He is destined for captive reproduction in the context of action C2 of our LIFE Lanner project. The breeding pairs needed reorganizing, therefore an adult male was purchased from the Urbeveteris Falconis breeding centre. We called him Sirio.

Meet Sirio, the latest member of our lanner falcon breeding team.

The new breeding couples are ready for the next season

After Sirio’s arrival, we began the preparation phase for the next breeding season. Two new couples were formed, while the one made up of Uragano and Tempesta got to retire. The two of them were confiscated animals rescued in 2007, and are about to celebrate their 16th birthday.

The final breeding team will thus be made up of Gea and Atlante, who reproduced last year, Penelope and Sirio (the group’s latest acquisition) and finally Achilles and Vega (the wild female who got here from the CRUMA of Livorno).

In the coming days, we will clean the aviaries, prepare the nests, test the remote cameras and kick off the monitoring phase to evaluate the lanners’ behaviour.