A happy ending for the injured female lanner found in 2021 in Tuscany

Finally, Vega the female lanner arrived in our centre

Remember the injured female lanner whose egg was brought to our rescue centre thanks to the collaboration with CRUMA Livorno?

At the beginning of last year’s breeding season, a lanner falcon was found with a serious injury to her left wing. This happened in northern Tuscany, where the reference point for this kind of issue is CRUMA, a LIPU-managed rescue centre. The most dramatic part of this story is that shortly after getting rescued, the lanner laid an egg. The egg was safely transported to our breeding laboratory, but sadly it did not hatch. We gave you all the details here. During the past year Vega (that’s the name we chose for her) stayed at the CRUMA rescue centre, with her health status continuously monitored.

The lanner suffered irreversible damage, but not all is lost

Unfortunately, Vega never recovered from the damage to her wing. This means that we could not release her. Although she is a wild animal, releasing her in her condition would be a death sentence. There is a silver lining to this story though. Collaboration between LIPU/CRUMA and LIFE Lanner allowed Vega to be officially included in the captive breeding programme of the project (action C2). She is now living in a large aviary where her motor skills can be evaluated. The next steps are a careful medical examination and an endoscopy. After her health is assessed, she will be transferred with a male partner. This way, Vega will help us build a healthy breeding stock, which will ensure the release of many young lanners in the future.