Welcome to two new lanners in the hacking box

Young Aida is not going into the hacking box alone

As we anticipated last week, our beloved young lanner Aida is not going to be released from the hacking box alone. Right now, she is growing up under the careful scrutiny of the Lake Vico Natural Reserve’s personnel, and slowly becoming more and more independent. She is already catching her own live prey, mainly large insects. But however autonomous she may be, releasing her together with other lanners will improve their chances of success. Reducing contact with humans while increasing interactions with conspecifics helps develop their instincts and gives young falcons an overall better experience. Going back to wilderness after being born in captivity is no easy feat, and we are doing our best to make it easier for all young falcons in our project.

Let’s welcome two new young lanners getting ready for release

Enter Ambra and Alfio. These two young lanner falcons come from Giacinto Conti’s breeding centre. The centre is collaborating with us by providing the LIFE Lanner project with young birds. After being transferred to the rescue centre, they had to spend a few days in the aviary getting used to their new setting. Specifically, they needed to get accustomed to the Lake Vico personnel. Once acclimatized, they have been transferred to the hacking box. The structure allows them to move freely and study their surroundings. This is critical for the second part of the hacking process: the release. In fact, it is paramount that the young lanners learn how to navigate the area, so that they can find their way back to the box once released. There, they will find shelter and food every time they need until they are completely independent.