Raptor electrocution: unexpected progress in our fight against it

Raptor electrocution is an avoidable threat

Among the risks birds have to face every day, electrocution stands out. Raptor electrocution is a threat we have the power to limit significantly. To this aim, we need infrastructure planning which keeps in mind animal welfare. As you know, one of the conservation actions underway thanks to the LIFE Lanner project is to mitigate the impact of power lines on the lanner falcon. As a consequence, of course, we will produce a safer environment for all species that use these structures as perches. We last gave you an update on the C3 action of the project, which aims to secure medium voltage power lines, in this March article.

A surprising turn of events for the benefit of all avian species

We are happy to report the LIFE Lanner C3 action took an unexpected turn. during the first phase of securing electrical pylons, we recorded lower spending than what we had foreseen. This allowed our partner e-distribuzione to finish securing the 200 pylons envisaged by the project in record time.

raptor electrocution
Secure power lines for raptors and other bird species

In particular, we focused on pylons which stand significantly higher than their surroundings, in open areas with low vegetation cover. Such structures offer a privileged spot from which to score the land for prey, and also a perch to rest which is easy to land on or take off from. For these reasons, they are a considerable attraction point for raptors.

Today, compared to when we started the project, The Lake Vico Natural Reserve and the Marturanum Regional Park are safer for medium- and large-sized birds of prey. This naturally inclused our beloved lanner falcon. But we are not stopping here. Action C3 will go on identifying other medium voltage lines to be secured in the Monte Rufeno Reserve, where many pylons are in open or shrubby meadows.