The LIFE Lanner app to report Lanner recoveries is finally online

The app for wildlife rescue centres is ready

The LIFE Lanner app is online here: The database is meant to collect information on recoveries of lanner falcons and other similar species. It is accessible by wildlife rescue centres upon request. All information on the project can be found at the previous link.

This precious tool was created by our partner IZSLT (Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Lazio and Tuscany), and will allow us to monitor lanner falcon recoveries in wildlife rescue centres throughout Italy.

The LIFE Lanner app interface on the IZSLT website

A network of rescue centres for the protection of the Lanner falcon

The creation of a network of rescue centres, which collaborate to gather data on lanner recoveries nation-wide, is one of the main objectives of the Project (Action C7) and has the purpose of making clear the causes of injury and the determinants of diseases or mortality in the lanner and other similar raptors, such as peregrine falcon, Eleonora’s falcon, saker falcon and gyrfalcon. Building on the valuable work of rescue centres is critical to inform national actions to combat the poaching of wild birds. Through the app it is also possible to contribute by sending biological samples (such as feathers or other tissues) to the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Lazio and Tuscany for the execution of genetic analyses.

The following centres are already fighting with us for the protection of the lanner falcon:

– CRAS San Rocco, Ponte in Valtellina (Sondrio)
– CRAS WWF of Valpredina, Cenate Sopra (Bergamo)
– CRAS Lazise – Progetto Natura Verona Lago, Lazise (Verona)
– CRAS ENPA of Trieste
– CRAS ENPA of Genova
– CRAS Associazione WildUmbria, Pietralunga (Perugia)
– CRAS ENPA of Perugia
– CRAS WWF of Parco Regionale Gola della Rossa e Frasassi, Fabriano (Ancona)
– CRAS of Riserva Naturale Lago di Vico, Caprarola (Viterbo)
– ‘Ospedale degli Animali Selvatici’ c/o Museo di Scienze Naturali del Salento, Calimera (Lecce)
– CRAS Oasi e Riserva Naturale Lago di Pignola, Pantano Pignola (Potenza)
– Rifugio e Centro Recupero Animali Selvatici “La Nostra Arca”, Città di Castello (Perugia) 
– CRAS San Bernardino Verbano, Verbania (VCO)
– CRAS “Federico II” of the University of Naples, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Productions
– CRAS CC-CFS “Formichella”, Reparto Carabinieri Biodiversità of Assisi (Perugia)
– CRAS Rimini Corpolò (Rimini)
– CARFS of Monastir, Servizio Territoriale di Cagliari
– CRAS of Parco dell’Adamello, Associazione “Lontano Verde”, Paspardo (Brescia)
– Centro Recupero Fauna Selvatica LIPU, Tigliole d’Asti (Asti)
– Centro Recupero Avifauna Selvatica LIPU Trento
– Centro Recupero Fauna Selvatica LIPU La Fagiana, Pontevecchio di Magenta (MI)
– Centro Recupero OTUS – LIPU (Bologna)
– CRAS LIPU Giardino delle Capinere (Ferrara)
– CRUMA, Centro Recupero Uccelli Marini e Acquatici LIPU (Livorno)
– Centro Recupero Rapaci LIPU Mugello, Ponte a Vicchio (Firenze)
– CRAS Lipu Umbria, Castiglione del Lago (Perugia)
– Centro Recupero Fauna Selvatica LIPU Roma
– Centro Recupero Regionale Fauna Selvatica LIPU di Ficuzza (Palermo)

Get involved

The rescue centres who wish to contribute to the data collection can get in touch with Lorenzo Attili ( or Chantal Tancredi ( to request the username and password to access to the application. Credentials can be issued upon reception of the following: name and surname of the data entry manager, date of birth, social security number, recovery centre name and address, telephone numbers and email. Participants will be provided with an easy instruction manual for filling in the necessary fields.

We look forward to hearing from you!