LIFE LANNER invited speaker to Natura 2000 Seminar For The Mediterranean Region

LIFE LANNER project presentation tomorrow

We have been invited to present the LIFE LANNER project at the Natura 2000 Mediterranean Biogeographical Seminar, as part of an exchange of good practices for European projects. Ours will be one of the 7 Italian projects among the 29 presented overall. Each presenter/participant will deliver a speech to briefly introduce key projects and results. Presentations last approximately five minutes and touch the essentials of each project, research, conservation or restoration activity. The seminar starts on May 6 at 10:30 and LIFE LANNER will be presented by project manager Dr. Stefano Picchi in the time slot 11:00-11:45.

This is the complete programme of the event, which you can participate to by clicking on this link.

Natura 2000 biogeographical seminar
Good practices for conservation: the case of the Lanner falcon

Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process: background

The Natura 2000 biogeographical process was initiated in 2011 by the European Commission. The aim is to promote knowledge exchange, networking and cooperation with regards to Natura 2000 issues at the biogeographical region level. At the heart of the process are the Natura 2000 Seminars, complemented by a networking program consisting of workshops, meetings and other relevant events.

Assuming that Member States in a given region face similar challenges in managing Natura 2000 sites, habitats and species, the seminars aim to stimulate international exchange and promote coherent management of Natura 2000 at the biogeographical region level. As the responsibility for implementing Natura 2000 lies with the Member States, the seminars create an opportunity for key actors to exchange information at the biogeographical level. In addition, they stimulate discussion with and involvement of other stakeholders and networks of experts, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The importance of Biogeographical Process seminars

As part of the Natura 2000 biogeographical process, these seminars are considered milestones in an ongoing process of networking, information sharing and knowledge building. The knowledge gained at these events helps ensure progress towards key conservation objectives and directly benefits stakeholders in the Mediterranean biogeographical region. The knowledge market to which we will present the project is a space for the informal exchange of knowledge and information and for the creation of working relationships beyond national borders. It is organized as a poster session with a focus on case studies, projects and best practices, in relation to the four themes of the seminar.

Find more details on the official page of the event, and follow it on Twitter @BioGeoProcess.