Full text: “Il Messaggero” article on our project

Yesterday we were on the front page of the Viterbo edition of Il Messaggero. Below you can find the whole news story in italian.

The article mentions how the Italian population represents 85% of the European one, and illustrates the stark decline in breeding couples we’ve seen in the past 20 years.

In this sad landscape, our project is a glimmer of hope. The 6th of January marked the end of our first year. Despite the challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions, we managed to release 4 lanners (of the 30 which are to be released over five years), build new aviaries at our recovery centre, perform genetic analyses on this still little-known species. We also organized an identification course for technical operators, and mapped the habitat suitability of Lazio.

As our project manager, Stefano Picchi, said: this is the only chance we have to save this subspecies from extinction.