Visit to Urbeveteris Falconis farm to discuss release techniques

On Thursday 29 October a partners’ meeting took place at the Urbeveteris Falconis falcon farm in Orvieto, central Italy.

Our project managers, Dr. Stefano Picchi and Dr. Giuseppe Puddu, attended together with Dr. Giampiero Tirone (manager of the wildlife rescue centre at the Lake Vico Natural Reserve). Dr. Marco Martini, veterinarian who specializes in birds of prey and who performed health checks on the Lake Vico lanners last summer, was also present. They were welcomed by Leonardo Sciarra, owner of the farm.

In order to ensure the optimal development of the phases of the project during the visit, many issues concerning the captive reproduction of lanners were addressed, in addition to release techniques, the locations in which to carry them out, and the timing to be met to ensure the success of the release.

During the morning, samples were also taken from all the lanners present in the breeding centre in order to be sent to the project partner Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale – Lazio and Tuscany, which will thus be able to expand the “Genetic Data Bank” concerning the specimens coming from farms.

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